XAZTLAN introduces the latest technology starting from the research development of
materials through planning, designing, and engineering. This latest technology was
successfully introduced because of the partnership with top industry professionals who
have left a great legacy in the sports sunglasses world.  XAZTLAN will continuously grow
and leave a new chapter on the evolution of sunglasses.

The first step in designing a great pair of sunglasses is the fitting process.
We think it is our top priority for sunglasses to hold and fit at a right and comfortable

A lot of sunglass companies in the industry did not completely focus on this issue until
most recently. However, with XAZTLAN, we have put a considerable emphasis on this
matter and tried our best for your pair of sunglasses to be the most comfortable you will
find. We even addressed this with our prescription sunglasses too!

Technically speaking, the design and size of sports sunglasses really need to be altered
depending on different bone structures and genders. One of the common issues in fitting
is around the nose area which leaves some gaps, so we utilized the function called
“adjustable nose pads.” This function solves the common uncomfortableness you get with
standard sunglasses, for instance, when the nose pads do not support your nose and your
cheeks may touch the lenses. All of our models have adjustable nose pads to solve issues
like this. Also, we have two sizes for our super sports model “MANTRA,” so people with
smaller sized faces will comfortably enjoy our sunglasses too. We took a lot of feedback
for each model for research development and the materialization of our products.

The quality of the lens is high priority in not only sport sunglasses, but in all kinds of
sunglasses. XAZTLAN uses high quality lenses developed by GOODMAN LENS
MANUFACTURE. The drive of our team for newer technology and high optic quality are
musts for the evolution of our sunglasses. XAZTLAN is the very first among other sport
sunglasses that have special lenses to cut out near infrared. By shutting it out effectively,
we expect it would improve an athletes’ performance.
*GI lens series

XAZTLAN also offers original colored polarized lenses which are presented by
GOODMAN LENS MANUFACTURE. Polarized lenses, which make a powerful impact
on the fishing and driving scenes, are very difficult to develop original colors for.
However, GOODMAN LENS MANUFACTURE successfully developed high quality
utility colors, in which you cannot find anywhere else.

These polarized lenses will be very practical and useful in sports in the future.
*GP lens series

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